Anime Fidget Spinner Dragon Ball Naruto creative toys GoKu Sasuke Ninja Action Figure Finger Stress Reliever Iron box packaging

Anime Fidget Spinner Dragon Ball Naruto Creative Toys Goku Sasuke Ninja Action Figure Finger Stress Reliever Iron Box Packaging

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Question 1: How is the animation formed: the videos we generally come into contact with are 30 or 60 frames per second, that is, 30 or 60 different coherent pictures are switched in one second. Then the principle that our gyroscope can form animation is also according to this law.

Question 2: Why can’t the naked eye see the gyro animation: Because the refresh frame rate of our naked eye is very high, then when the gyro rotates again, we have already seen it, and we can’t see the frozen picture.

Question 3: Why are there sometimes animations and sometimes no animations when taking pictures: Because when you choose 30 frames per second for the video format, the gyro must rotate at a multiple of 30 revolutions per second/6 (6 frames) to freeze the frame. to the screen, and then the animation is generated.

Question 4: Why do you have to be in the sun to make an animation: The last question mentioned that the animation is formed by freezing the picture, so we have to start from a single picture. A picture is composed of aperture, light sensitivity, and shutter. At night, when we take a picture of a moving vehicle, there will always be a smear effect, because the light is too dark and the shutter is not fast enough. So come back to say that when the gyro rotates at a high speed, we must have enough light to take a freeze-frame picture, so that the shutter of the mobile phone can automatically meet the high shutter speed and freeze every frame of the rotation.

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