8 Things You Should Know About Clannad ~After Story~

8 Things You Should Know About Clannad ~After Story~8 Things You Should Know About Clannad ~After Story~

What is Clannad ~After Story~?

The “After Story“ for a visual novel is usually something that comes after the main story has come to an end. It’s usually a handful of side stories and extra endings in order to add some kind of closure to the series. Clannad ~After Story~ is no exception, but what makes it so interesting is that it doesn’t feel like another addition to the story—it feels like just as much substance and thought was put into it as parts of the main story. The After Story takes place two years after the end of the main story, revolving around how Tomoya has been dealing with what happened during those two years. While this might seem like it would be a really boring storytelling device and also feel out of place in an anime that focuses on love and romance, Clannad ~After Story~ manages to pull it off in such an organic way that it never feels weird or out of place and always flows seamlessly with everything else in the series. In this article, we’ll be going over everything you could ever need to know about the After Story for Clannad.

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