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Overlord Product Collection
The most played video game in history is set to be shut down in the year 2126. Momonga, a gamer, logs in for the final time to reflect on the heyday of his once-famous guild. When the time hits 0:00, Momonga discovers that he has been sent to a completely different universe as opposed to being kicked out of the game.
Introducing the Overlord Merchandise Collection! This amazing line of over-the-top merch is perfect for any fan of the Overlord series! And with so many varieties of popular items like action figures and jewelry, you can never have enough of them! So why not check out some of the most popular items?
Whether you’re looking for bold, colorful designs or fun, practical accessories, Overlord has you covered. With over 80 pieces, your favorite clothing can be upgraded to make it yours. And if that wasn’t enough, Overlord also makes a fantastic selection of toys, making life on the go easy and keeping you from being stuck in a dead end. So whether you’re looking for something serious or something light, Overlord has you covered.
So whether you’re going out for drinks or just having a party, Overlord merchandise is the perfect way to add a bit of swing to your style.

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