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The Bungou Stray Dogs series follows Nakajima Atsushi. The orphanage threw him out and left him with nowhere to stay and no food. He saves a man who is about to commit suicide while standing by a river. Dazai Osamu is that man, and he and his sidekick Kunikida work for a strange detective organization. They have superhuman abilities and handle crimes that are too dangerous for the police or the military to handle.
Bungou Stray Dogs merch reflects the adorable charm of our favorite characters. From T-shirts to posters, fidget spinners, and phone cases, we have everything in store for you to act like your favorite characters.
They offer a wide range of Bungou Stray Dogs merchandise that is sure to make any fan happy. The Animeware products are fun and quirky, and the quality ensures they last a long time.
Whether it’s your favorite character or a piece of merch that screams fandom, Animeware has everything you’re looking for. So head on over and check out the best-selling Bungou Stray Dogs merchandise and get lost in a world of anime.

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