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The action of Darker Than Black begins in Tokyo, where “Hell’s Gate,” an impenetrable zone, first emerged ten years ago. Also emerging at the same time were psychics who used their supernatural abilities at the expense of their morals. One of the most powerful psychic agents is Hei, who, along with his blind partner Yin, works for one of the several competing organizations striving to discover the secrets of Hell’s Gate.
From limited-edition posters to action figures, Animeware has everything you need to add a touch of mystery and charm to your home or office. With the Darker Than Black merchandise, you’re sure to find something special that’s right for you. From eye-catching cosplay costumes to elegant props, we have something for every style and taste.
Animeware is proud to bring you high-quality clothing and accessories inspired by one of the most stylish TV series around. We know you’ll love grabbing some pieces from our collection. So go ahead and get yourself some Darker Than Black merchandise.

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