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Yukiteru Amano is a quiet middle schooler who keeps a digital diary of his everyday activities. Despite the fact that he has no friends at school, Yukiteru is regularly seen conversing with his seemingly nonexistent friends, Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space, and Deus’ servant, Mur Mur.
Looking for something to buy for your friend who’s a Mirai Nikki fan? Our collection of Mirai Nikki merchandise will be the perfect gift for them. From bracelets to our action figures, we have many items that any fan would love to get their hands on. This merchandise offers a unique set of clothing and accessories for the characters that make all of us go wild.
You don’t have to be a fan of anime to enjoy these designs! For those who love Mirai Nikki, we have the entire collection of merchandise in our store. Whether it’s a bag, wall art, keychain, or even a cosplay costume, we have it all! Come on in and see what we have in store for you.

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