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The protagonist of Eureka Seven is 14-year-old Renton Thurston, who resides in Bellforest, a small town. In search of some excitement to spice up his routine existence, he longs to leave his family and join the mercenary outfit Gekkostate. Renton, torn between the need to carry on his father’s heritage and his grandfather’s encouragement that he pursue a career in mechanics, finds the only joy in his sport of surfing the Trapar wave particles that are strewn throughout the air.
Eureka Seven is a popular franchise that has created a fandom of its own. Quirky, funny, and full of action, the series is loved by both kids and adults alike. If you’ve been searching for Eureka Seven merchandise online, then Animeware is the place to be. From t-shirts to phone cases and even artwork, we have it all!
Eureka Seven merch is for the die-hard fans out there. Our selection includes bags, clothing, and other accessories that will help you show your love for this beloved franchise without any doubt or hesitation. 
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