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The story of Dororo centers on the selfish samurai lord Daigo Kagemitsu, whose kingdom is failing and who will do anything to gain power and strike a deal with demons. By assisting the expansion of his kingdom, 12 demons respond to his pleas and provide him with the authority he seeks—but at a cost.
Let your soul run wild with the Dororo merchandise. We’ve got the perfect footwear for any occasion and a line of accessories for any outfit. From classic shoes to modern boots, we’ve got you covered from head to toe. And don’t forget about our collection of adorable plush toys and costumes!
When you are a fan of Dororo, you love all its merch. The anime has an awesome collection of t-shirts and pins that hold the essence of the series. Animeware stocks everything from Dororo souvenirs to phone cases, jewelry, and artwork. They also have a collection of schoolbags or bags that are perfect for children.
So next time you have to gift a beloved friend with something special, switch to Animeware and surprise them with good-quality Dororo merchandise.

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