Customizable Nendoroid Action Figures
These are the tiny, customizable anime action figures that are perfect for role-playing games and collecting.
Nendoroid figures let you customize your favorite anime characters. Each figure includes a stand that you can attach to the base to make the figure stand on its own. The stand allows you to pose the character in various ways and to replicate the character’s movements when they appear in their different forms.
Nendoroid is a line of action figures that are made to look like actual humans and have interchangeable parts, so you can customize them with different outfits, accessories, weapons, and more! The Nendoroid lineup includes some of the most famous characters in anime history—including characters from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, and much more.
These plastic figures are adorable, featuring a variety of facial expressions and accessories. They’re easy to display, making them great for anywhere in your home or office. The line also features other key characters from your favorite shows, including Sailor Moon, Evangelion, and Attack on Titan.
Hurry up and build your Nendoroid collection with Animeware right away.

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