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A notorious assassin by the name of Hitokiri Battousai existed in the closing years of the Bakumatsu era. He was the country’s most feared and unrivaled murderer, and at the height of the Japanese Revolution, he unexpectedly vanished. Ten quiet years have passed since then, yet combat veterans still feel fear at the mere mention of Battousai.
The Rurouni Kenshin merchandise collection includes a wide variety of clothing items, toys and gifts, and much more. It is important to note that this merch is popular not only with fans of the anime and manga series but also with those who are interested in anime culture and history. The clothing items in the collection like hoodies, t-shirts, jackets are especially popular, as they are both stylish and comfortable.
Check out a Rurouni Kenshin t-shirt if you like the anime or the Funko pop, or a Rurouni Kenshin coffee mug. Find a large choice of gifting items like bracelets to surprise your friends. Browse through the collection and find the perfect Rurouni Kenshin merchandise right away!

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