Anime and Steins; Gate: A Love Story

What is Steins;Gate?

Steins;Gate is a Science Adventure that follows the adventures of college student Okabe Rintarou, who spends his time impersonating a mad scientist named Hououin Kei. He does this in order to meet his female lab partner called Kurisu Makise, and to work on an experiment called “Steins Gate”. Through this experiment, they hope to create the “God Program”, which can send a person back in time. Unfortunately, they never achieve their goal and are constantly thwarted by the organization known as SERN, who wishes to use Steins;Gate for their own ends. This organization has dedicated their resources toward stopping any time-traveling attempts using computers or cell phones. However, there is one exception…

A Love Story in a Time-Traveling World

In the year 2015, a time-traveling event between 1996 and 2027 has been recorded. In this time, a person known as Rintaro Okabe had created the “Steins;Gate” experiment and as a result of this, a connection between the two worlds was created, allowing people to travel to the past. The people that were able to travel back in time learned of a slice of history that was not made; a world where Kurisu Makise had accepted an invitation to work at the lab.

However, everything changed the day Kurisu Makise showed up at the lab. She changed the course of history. And with her, came an entire new cast of characters.

The Characters of Steins;Gate

Rintaro Okabe – The main protagonist of Steins;Gate. He creates the “Steins;Gate” experiment in order to be able to talk with his lab partner Kurisu Makise. Through this experiment, he was able to send himself and his lab partner back in time. Unfortunately, due to the rules of the “Steins;Gate” experiment, he was only able to bring Kurisu Makise back with him for 30 days. After 30 days, his time travel would end and he would be sent back to 1996.

Kurisu Makise – The female lead of Steins;Gate. She was Rintaro Okabe’s lab partner, and the one who he sent back in time. Kurisu was the one who organized the “Dinner with Makise” event, where she knew that this would be the first time she had encountered Rintaro Okabe in person and as a result, she would accept his offer to go to the lab.

Mayuri Shiina – One of Rintaro Okabe’s close friends. She is a member of the Future Gadget Lab and is the one who helps anyone who is able to bring their inventions to the lab.

Marian Callaway – A member of SERN, who is assigned to watch over Rintaro Okabe. She is one of the few people who knew of the time travel incident, and as such, she was assigned to keep an eye on Okabe.

How to Watch Steins;Gate

For those interested in watching Steins;Gate, it is available on Crunchyroll, VidTo and Daisuki.

– Crunchyroll – In addition to being able to view the full show, Crunchyroll has a partnership with Production I.G, who also produces Steins;Gate. This means that there are special subtitles for the English dub of the show, which can be viewed for free.

– VidTo – VidTo is a streaming service that focuses on anime and Asian media. Many of the shows on this service have been licensed by Funimation and are available for streaming. As such, Steins;Gate is part of the Asian Media section of this service.

– Daisuki – Daisuki is a streaming service that focuses primarily on Asian media. Many of the shows on this service have been licensed by Crunchyroll and are available for streaming. As such, Steins;Gate is part of the Asian Media section of this service.

An Important Note Before You Start Watching

Just as a reminder, Steins;Gate is a Science Adventure that can be quite heavy in the science aspect. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it or understand it. It is very important that you understand the basics of science before you start watching this show. If you don’t understand the science behind time travel or the difference between a hypothesis and a theory, then you need to re-watch some of the earlier episodes before you begin watching the main story.

You don’t need to know all of the science to fully enjoy this show. However, if you want to fully understand the science and fully enjoy the show, you will need to do a bit of research. If you don’t know what you are looking for, then you may find that a bit of research is required.

Pros and Cons Before You Start Watching

Before you start watching Steins;Gate, it is important that you know about some of the pros and cons of this show. For those who have watched this show, they may be aware of some of these, but it is still important to be aware of them.

– Pros – Fantastic Story – Thanks to the different time-traveling events in the show, you are treated to an incredible story that is full of twists and turns. The pace of this show is lightning-fast and you will never be able to predict what will happen next.

– Interesting Technology – This show has a lot of great technology. From the HAT to the D-MEM, you will learn a lot about the world of science and how it works.

– Great Characters – The show features a great cast of characters that you will enjoy getting to know. There are a few stand-out characters that you will love, such as Okabe and Moeka.

– Cons – Science – If you don’t like science or don’t understand it, this show might not be for you. The science in this show is very complicated and requires quite a bit of research to fully understand.

– Time Travel – If you are personally scared of time travel, you may want to avoid this show. There are a few scenes that show time travel in action, which can be a bit terrifying.

– Violence – There is an element of violence in this show, which is both realistic and acceptable. If you are a fan of blood, gore, or violence in general, then you may want to skip this show.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in a Science Adventure that will keep you guessing and guessing, then we strongly recommend giving Steins;Gate a try. This is a science-based show with an amazing story, fascinating technology, and a cast of interesting characters. The only thing that is missing is the main character, and you will be happy to discover that he is one of the main reasons to watch this show.

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