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The story of Death Note centers on a high school boy named Light Yagami who finds a paranormal notebook that enables him to kill anybody by writing their name and visualizing their face. The plot revolves around his attempts to become a god by using the notebook to create a new world free of evil, as well as the complicated struggle he has with everyone attempting to either stop him or assist him.
We all know that our favorite anime characters are super intelligent, and they use their brains to solve problems. And when they’re on a roll, there’s nothing that can stop them! So why not bring that intelligence home by getting this awesome Death Note merchandise?
With the Death Note merch, you can relive the suspense and thrill of this cult classic in real life! From toys to t-shirts and posters, everything is designed specially to reflect the film’s dark tone and plot. Whether you’re a fan or want to be one, we’ve got everything you need.
It’s time you gather all your Death Note fan energy and start collecting merchandise related to the series. We’ve got everything you need in our collection, whether it’s a cosplay costume for an event or jewelry for a casual day out.

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