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Highschool of the Dead Products
Japan is in complete turmoil when the dead started to rise. Takashi Kimuro kills his best friend when he is bit and turns into one of the zombies as these creatures start terrorizing a high school. The popularity of High School of the Dead is skyrocketing. This phenomenon has been attributed to its engaging storyline, action-packed battles, and plethora of characters.
Not all of high school is about studying and participating in sports. Some are about survival and battling evil forces. And that’s where High School of the Dead merchandise comes in! We have a complete range of merch for you to enjoy, including clothing, shoes, bags, swimwear, posters, t-shirts, and much more. Made from top-quality material with a fresh design and a touch of nostalgia thrown in, our products are perfect for fans of the series who want to relive the experience.
Make your weekend even more enjoyable with this fun High School of the Dead merchandise.

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