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Houtarou Oreki, a high school freshman, is just interested in living a gray life while spending as little energy as possible. Tomoe’s older sister forces him to defend the empty Classics Club from disbandment, which puts an end to his peaceful days.
There are many items available from the Hyouka series. Some of these items include jewelry, posters, and mouse pads. There are also a few different types of merchandise available from the series, such as T-shirts and phone cases. These items are perfect for fans of the series who want to show their support for the series in a more stylish way. No matter what type of merchandise you are looking for, there is sure to be something available from the Hyouka series that you will love.
Find the perfect cosplay costumes along with accessories like props, wigs, shoes, and much more, and dress up in the perfect outfit at your next event.
So, whether you’re looking for a gift for a Hyouka fan in your life or you’re just treating yourself, be sure to check out the wide range of Hyouka merchandise available.

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