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Neon Genesis Evangelion Products
A new threat has emerged for the earth fifteen years after the Second Impact: terrible celestial entities known as “angels” are invading Tokyo-3 one by one. Even with the greatest cutting-edge weapons and military strategies, mankind is powerless to combat the angels. Gendou Ikari, the cold-blooded leader of the secret NERV organization, is the only person who can save humanity.
The Animeware merchandise collection is perfect for fans of the popular series. This collection includes bags, hoodies, headwear, and other accessories. The bags are perfect for carrying your devices or other items that can be used for entertainment. The hoodies are ideal for keeping you warm during the cold winter months. All of the items in this collection are made from high-quality materials and come in bright hues. The colorful designs and bright colors are sure to add something special to your ensemble.
Whether you’re rocking the iconic Evangelion armor or looking for a new kimono, there’s a piece for you! Expect great quality from each piece and the best prices on the internet. So why wait? Get the Neon Genesis Evangelion Merchandise Collection today!

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