The Best Anime To Watch After You’ve Watched Deadman Wonderland

How to Watch Deadman Wonderland After You’ve Watched It

The thing about Deadman Wonderland’s after-effects is that they can’t be adequately described with words. You just have to immerse yourself in the series and experience its world for yourself. If you’ve made it through the entire series, here’s what you can do next: Watch what would be your after-Deadman Wonderland anime. There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of these before, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. When you’re done with these, you can also check out the bonus section at the end of this article to see if any of the other anime we have listed are worth checking out.

Why Watch Deadman Wonderland After You’ve Watched It

The basic premise of Deadman Wonderland is simple: A prison, with a unique theme. The laws of the prison are enforced by the inmates through an administrative system, ensuring order and punishment. If you’ve watched Deadman Wonderland, then you almost certainly have a deeper understanding of what the series is trying to say. But why should you watch it? Why not just re-watch it? Well, as we mentioned, Deadman Wonderland is a series that you’ve probably already grasped the meaning of. But, why does it need to be watched again? If you understand the series, what else do you get out of it?

If you’ve gotten a deeper understanding of Deadman Wonderland, that means you’ve gotten a deeper understanding of the medium itself. When you watch a new series, you can’t help but pick up on the nuances of the medium and what the creators are trying to achieve with the series. When you watch Deadman Wonderland again, you’ll pick up on all the little details that the series intentionally put in place to create its aesthetic.

Best Anime to Watch After Deadman Wonderland

If you’ve got a few hours to spare, you can’t go wrong with watching any of the following anime. Not only will they be a good distraction from all the thoughts that Deadman Wonderland may have stirred up in your head, but they’re also some of the best anime around.

Although it’s not necessarily the best anime after Deadman Wonderland, it’s one of the most underrated anime of all time. The series follows the story of Tetsuo Shima who, after being experimented on for an unknown period of time, becomes a “human weapon.” Tetsuo uses his newfound ability to fight for what’s right.

If you’re interested in something more action-oriented and less character-driven, then this is an excellent choice. The first season of Devil May Cry is mostly character development, but the second season is much more action-oriented. The art style also changes drastically between the two seasons, which is a nice touch.

If you’re more interested in a series that’s more character-driven, but still has some action, you can’t go wrong with Sword Art Online. The first season of SAO is about the dangers of gaming, but the second season is much more action-oriented and follows the main character as he fights to get out of the game.

If you want to watch a series with a more serious, but relatable, storyline, you can’t go wrong with Sword Art Online: Extra Contents. The Extra Contents takes place in the same world as Sword Art Online but follows a different character. It’s a great series if you want to watch something more serious, but it’s also very relatable.

If you want to watch an anime with a more mature storyline, you can’t go wrong with The World God Only Knows. The series follows a girl who receives the job of killing a god and has to use her wits to succeed.

Final Thoughts: What should you watch after Deadman Wonderland?

When it comes to watching anime after you’ve watched Deadman Wonderland, there’s really nothing like it. It’s not a normal series and it’s not a series for the faint of heart. While the series is short, it has a lot of depth and meaning packed into its 13 episodes. These are the kinds of series that you need to watch twice to fully understand.

If you’ve made it through all 13 episodes of Deadman Wonderland and you’re still interested in checking out more anime, you can’t go wrong with any of the series mentioned above. Each of these anime has something unique to offer and is worth checking out.

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