Clannad is the Best Anime Series: Clannad’s 10 Greatest Moments

Clannad is the Best Anime Series: Clannad's 10 Greatest Moments

Episode 11 – A New Hope

The first episode of a series can be the most exciting, but it can also be the most confusing. To ease viewers into the world of the show, an episode like this can be essential. In this episode, Nagisa is living a normal life, except for the fact that she’s stuck in a tree. A woman named Midori joins the cast, and she too gets stuck in a tree. The series then takes an interesting turn, with Midori and Tomoya getting stuck in a tree, and with Tomoya’s father showing up. This episode sets the stage for some of the show’s best moments. It also does a great job of introducing the rest of the cast and giving viewers a glimpse of the world.

Episode 12 – The Bridge Between Friends

As the season draws to a close, the focus shifts to the friends. In this episode, Nagisa and the gang decide to build a bridge between their school and the neighbor’s school. It’s a sweet idea, but it reminds the group how far they have yet to go. In the second half of the episode, we see Tomoya and the others at the beach, and their trip takes an unexpected turn. In a series that spends a lot of time exploring the bonds between the characters, this scene was an excellent way to show the strength of those bonds.

Episode 13 – A Flash of Light and a Shattering Heart

This episode begins with Tomoya and the others back in the hospital, where Tomoya’s father is meeting with Nagisa’s family. The two families talk about how they feel betrayed by their sons. These two stories are interspersed throughout the episode, with each ending in a surprising moment. For example, the light flashes at the end of one scene, but the scene immediately after is completely different. The choice to show this mirrored light was a great way to show how the characters’ distorted perceptions of the world can impact their thoughts.

Clannad is the Best Anime Series: Clannad's 10 Greatest Moments

Episode 14 – An Encounter with Tomoya

Tomoya joins the cast for a second time in this episode, and the moment is as expected: awkward, but sweet. Nagisa is going to be spending some time with her family, and she’s not sure how to act around Tomoya’s father. Fortunately, Tomoya and his father have some time to spend together. Tomoya’s father is a man who’s experienced a lot in his life, and he shares the story with Tomoya.

In this episode, one of the show’s best moments is Sanada’s conversation with Tomoya. Sanada is a taxi driver who has a troubled past, and he’s frequently in the hospital. It’s an interesting character, and he’s an excellent example of how the show explores diversity and conflict. In this scene, Tomoya has some tough questions for him, but Sanada is able to share his thoughts and feelings. He says that he’s sorry for the things he’s done, and he asks Tomoya to forgive him.

Episode 15 – Goodbye, Nagisa

In the episode before the season finale, a new girl joins the cast. Yuzafu is a childhood friend of Tomoya’s mother, and she’s also a talented artist. The two have a long conversation about art, and it’s a good example of how the show explores the difficult topics in life. Yuzafu is a lesbian, but she never came out to her family. And that’s a very real problem that the show addresses.

The season finale of Clannad is often a bit of a let down, but in this episode, the show ties up all of the various plotlines in an emotional and satisfying way. It’s a fine way to end the season.

Episode 16 – Christmas Eve

This episode is a great example of how the show uses Christmas to explore the themes of love and friendship. In this episode, the friends spend the day together, with the notable exception of Nagisa, who has to spend time with her family.

Unlike the other friends, Tomoya is unable to spend time with his father; he’s got some homework to do. To help him through it, Tomoya calls on a tutor named Misae, and their meeting is another example of how the show explores difficult topics. Misae is a famous professor, and she has some very interesting opinions on the world.

Episode 17 – Stars in the Night Sky, Planets in the Universe

In this episode, the focus shifts to Nagisa, and she’s experiencing the feeling of a normal high school life. She’s hanging out with her friends, going to school, and even dating a boy. For the first time, we see Nagisa as an ordinary high school girl. And she suddenly realizes that it’s not what she wants. She wants to go back to being a Depressing Artist. In the end, the episode suggests that she and the other cast members are trapped in the tree, and they’ll all be together again.

It’s a sweet way to end the episode, and it’s a good reminder that the characters aren’t static or staticly defined. Their emotions are ever-changing, and that’s something that can’t be controlled.

Episode 18 – Farewell, Everyone!

In this episode, the friends say goodbye to one another, and it’s another example of how the show explores the diverse experiences in life. To be clear, Nagisa is dating Azuki, a fairly traditional boy. He’s dating Nagisa because he only has eyes for her, and for some reason, he thinks that Tomoya is a threat to her happiness.

Nagisa is dating Azuki out of fear, and she’s afraid that Azuki will leave her if he finds out about her depression. This is another example of the show exploring the consequences of different behaviors and how they impact people.

Before the friends go their separate ways, they each have one more chance to say something meaningful. Tomoya and Nagisa have a lovely moment together, and Yoshino and Ryou both share a sweet kiss.

Clannad has a lot to offer, and each of its episodes is filled with memorable moments. This series excelled at building up a great story, and each of its episodes was a memorable one. It’s unfortunate that the show is over, but for fans, there’s always the possibility of rewatching it.

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